My first stab at Typeface Design

July 23, 2008

So, I have been pretty fascinated with Typography and Type design for a while now. So much so that I actually drool a little when I look at some of the old fonts like Nobel, Microgramma and others. It had always been something on the back-burner. Another of the long list of skills I would have to pick up when I had more time. But I found this site Fontstruction, that has a neat (if a little buggy) Web Based modular typeface design app. What you can make with it is somewhat limited, and curves are difficult and never really look smooth. But it is great for creating blocky, angular, or just plain wacky typefaces. I’ve been playing with it off and on over the past couple weeks, and below are the Fonts I’ve created so far (all of which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license).

The first I made was my attempt at a thing designer style font. Success was mixed, but I think someone could find use in it

Troy Thin

Then, when I realized what the application was best at, I thought I’d play to it’s strengths and whirlwinded out this one in a couple hours. It’s a soviet style font that I think many people could find use of.

Red Menace

and a variation on it…

Red Menace Outline

When you look at them, there is a little arrow on the lower right of the flash box, if you click that and drag it to “Show Pixel Preview”, it gives you a better overall look at the Typeface. Anyways, like I said, they’re all licensed CC-By, so I hope someone can find some use in them, and I must say, I have Font Forge sitting in my applications, and this has really been an inspiration to pick it up and try and make some typefaces with it.