Sci-Fi Game Art

July 26, 2008

Well, I devised a simple way of creating some relatively cool looking little planet images that might be useful as game art. I really liked making them and I made about 20 total. I figured I would put them up here and see if anyone wanted to use them. All of them are relatively small (only 300×300) and they’re all released under a Creative Commons- Attribution license. Following are some thumbnails of a few of the images, this is roughly half of all of them. You can go to my Photobucket album to get them all at full size.

EDIT: As requested, I have made all the source files for the planets available as .xcf’s so anyone with a copy of the GIMP can eliminate the backgrounds and have the planets on a transparent background or they edit what already exists and make something new. Hope people get some use out of them.