A sampling of my work

June 22, 2008

I thought I’d load a few images to show the progress I’ve made so far with my work. This is all figure drawing stuff, as the figure is on of my artistic passions. Later I’ll post a couple of Illustrations I did.

p.s. all of these images are released under a CC-by license, but they’re all lo-res for the purposes of space and loading time, so if anyone wants a better copy, just contact me.

More can be seen here. All of them CC-By.


Creative Commons Patronage

June 19, 2008

Hi, my name is Justin Nichol and over the past few years I have become extremely interested in and enamored of Free and Open-Source Software and Open-Content Media. I was recently accepted into the Fall 2008 Term of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena as an Illustration major. Part of the reason I hope to attend an Art School is so that I can use the skills I gain there to create media that bolsters and aids those causes I see as worthwhile. I hope to not only gain an income through my education but also the tools to enrich the commons and public domain. I hope to enter the Entertainment Arts track and as such I would be gaining vital skills that could be used in the creation of Open-Content: Illustration, Sequential Art (comics), Animation, Film, Video Games and Design.

My Fondest Hope is to use the skills and knowledge I gain to aid in Creative Commons media projects, and help espouse the ideals of Free Cooperation and Gift Economy. And I am not alone. I have seen the Open Source and Creative Commons communities generate large amounts of money and pour hours and hours upon labors of love and have myself tried to aid wherever I was able in these cause.

Now somewhat unfortunately, the art school I’ll be attending is quite expensive (but worth it), and I am not wealthy. So I struck upon an idea. Why not ask the Open-Source and Open-Content community to act as my patrons. Why not ask my community to sponsor my education in some small part, not only so that I will be catalyzed into creating more Open-Content Art, but also so that when I graduate I will have far less in loans to pay off and therefore will be able to put far more effort into working on what is really important to me, but which may not pay well enough at all to handle loans and living expenses. So if you like the idea, and you like the art I’ll be posting to this blog to document my progress than please consider Donating to my education.

Also, please feel free to offer suggestions of pieces I should work on, projects I should contribute to, or ways that I could engage in Fund Drives. I intend to prove my worth to the Open-Content and Copyleft community, and I’m always open to ideas on how I can please you , my patrons, my community.